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  • Activity Review

    The 124th

    The 124th Canton Fair VIP Buyers Communication Meeting

    ? Over 50 representatives from Guangzhou municipal commission of commerce, professional associations, cross-border E-commerce platforms and local supermarkets
    ? Introduction of qualified exhibit products in 124th International Pavilion and experience sharing among attendees

    The 124th Canton Fair International Pavilion Global Cooperation Meeting

    ? Over 50 representatives from Consulates in Guangzhou, trade promotion organizations, recruitment partners and prestigious exhibitors
    ? Combining the high-end wine party with guest sharing and business negotiations, exchanging market trends and industry experience

    The 123rd

    The 123rd Business Meetings with Members of Chambers & Associations

    ? Hosts:
    China Foreign Trade Centre
    Consulate General of Malaysia in Guangzhou MATRADE
    ? Invite professional food importers and household importers
    ? Face-to-face negotiation
    ? Authoritative trouble shooting about customs clearance

    The 123rd A Night Of Glory - Awards Ceremony And Reception For Prestigious Partners

    ? Over 200 guests from over 20 countries and regions, including some national and regional trade promotion agencies, diplomatic and consular representatives in Guangzhou, partners of International Pavilion, overseas exhibitors, domestic buyers and so on
    ? Recognizing the representatives with strong professional strength, outstanding brand image, and in the leading position of the market
    ? A high-end business communication platform with novel forms

    The 122nd

    The 122nd Trade Matching Event: Q-Baby Salon

    ? To build a ‘One-Stop’ platform for overseas exhibitors and domestic buyers, ‘Q-Baby Salon’was hosted during Phase 3 of 122nd exhibition
    ? Over 20 Companies achieved cooperation agreement on-site Over 80Trade representatives from local associations of importers and retailers Over 300 Headcounts of passenger flow

    The 121st

    The 121st Business Matching Meeting of Fujian Province, Malaysia and India

    ? Together with Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, Consulate General of Malaysia in Guangzhou and Consulate General of India in Guangzhou
    ? About 20 Indian Exhibitors and Malaysian Exhibitors Over 50 Professional Buyers from Fujian Over 10 Companies signed the cooperation agreement on the event
    ?Helping overseas companies and domestic buyers understand the latest market trends and current political hot spots

    The 120th

    The 120th Australian Products & Cross-Border E-commerce Conference

    ? Helping overseas enterprises and domestic buyers better grasp the policy bonus after the signature of Agreement of Free Trade between China and Australia
    ? Offering convenience for Australian exhibitors to explore Chinese market and find ideal partners

    The 120th Business Matching Conference of Liaoning Province and Canton Fair International Pavilion

    ? Integrating excellent overseas resources of International Pavilion and new development dynamics of Liaoning import market
    ? Creating a communication platform for Liaoning import trade companies and abundant qualified overseas exhibitors

    The 119th

    The 119th Canton Fair International Pavilion Global Food and Drink Promotional Event

    ? Face to face communication for qualified foreign food enterprises and purchasing companies in southern china
    ? More characteristic food and drink of excellent quality are introduced to market in southern china
    ? Helping enterprises achieve a better understanding of relevant policies and trade process regarding imported food

    The 118th

    The 118th Argentine Beef and Wine Tasting Event

    ?Together with Consulate General of Argentina Republic in Guangzhou and Fundación Exportar
    ? Combining the trade matching platform with Argentine experiencing activities

    The 118th The Development Forum of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement & Business Matching Event

    ? Focusing on the Free Trade Agreement signed between China and Australia
    ? Together with Guangzhou municipal commission of commerce and Australian Trade Commission
    ? Participants gather to seek new opportunities for business cooperation

    The 117th

    The 117th Global Wine Tasting

    ? Together with delegations from Estonia, Germany and Canada
    ? Promoting the publicity of overseas enterprises

    The 117th Match-making Conference for Canton Fair International Pavilion and China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone

    ? Interpreting new opportunities provided by the Pilot Free Trade Zone for overseas companies to explore Chinese market
    ? Offering a chance of face to face communication for overseas exhibitors and enterprises in the Zone, to jointly build a superior import platform in China.

    The 116th

    The 116th Initiative Ceremony of Global Strategic Partnership of Canton Fair International Pavilion

    ? Over 100 representatives from Consulates in Guangzhou, Trade Organizations in China, Overseas Exhibition Institutions, Departments of Commerce of Provinces and Business Associations are invited, 14 organization cooperation memos or agreements are signed, showing the theme of “Toward global vision and make progress together"
    ? About 50 media websites reported

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