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  • Spring   Phase 1: April 15-19
    Phase 2: April 23-27
    Phase 3: May 1-5

    Autumn Phase 1: October 15-19
    Phase 2: October 23-27
    Phase 3: October 31- November 4

    Opening Hour 9:00-18:00


    Location Area A Bai Yun VIP Room

    In order to further develop the international market, Canton Fair actively promotes the Overseas Cooperative Partner Campaign, and collaborates with oversea industrial and commercial institutions, airlines and well-known hotel groups to enhance the service to oversea buyers. During the fair, the Overseas Cooperative Partner Service Center is set up to provide the cooperative partners with exclusive discussion venue, consultation and purchase assistance. For more detailed information, please kindly contact International Communication Department.


    TEL: +86-20-89138615    FAX: +86-20-89138888
    E-MAIL: [email protected]

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