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    In order to deepen substantial cooperation with overseas cooperative partners and further improve the fair on-site service, we are going to set up offices for Overseas Cooperative Partners as a complimentary venue for our partners to provide enquiry assistance for their chamber members or clients.

    Overseas chamber of commerce and industrial organizations are highly welcomed to visit the Office. If you are interested in getting more detailed information regarding the participation, please kindly contact International Communication Department.

    Tel: +86-20-89138615, Fax: +86-20-8913-8888
    E-MAIL: [email protected], [email protected]

    Date Opening Hour Location
    Phase 1: April 15-19
    Phase 2: April 23-27
    Phase 3: May 1-5
    Phase 1: October 15-19
    Phase 2: October 23-27
    Phase 3: October 31- November 4
    9:00-18:00 Area A Bai Yun VIP Room
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