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    Invitation Application

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    Canton Fair invitation is an important credential for getting visa to China and attending Canton Fair.

    With the Invitation, overseas buyers could:

    • Apply for Visa to China.
    • Get registered and free entry badge to the Fair.

    Overseas buyers could apply invitation for Canton Fair through:

    * For Local Representatives without Canton Fair’s Invitation for Foreign Company's Representative Office in China, admission fee (RMB300 / person / day) and relevant documents are required.

    BEST – An Easy and Fast Access 

    BEST - Buyer E-Service Tool, is the Canton Fair's online free self-service platform especially for overseas buyers. Regular buyers could log on BEST against user name and password. New buyers can apply online for free.

    'Regular Buyer Recommending New Buyer' Reward Program: The regular buyer can send the recommendation letter of Canton Fair to new buyer through 'BEST' (Buyer E-Service Tool) on Canton Fair official website. The new buyer can apply the first overseas buyer entry badge for free with the recommendation letter. Furthermore, the regular buyer will be richly rewarded.

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