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    Registration Guide for Foreign Officials and Chinese Staff of Consulates in Guangzhou

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    1.    When and Where to Register

    Canton Fair is held two sessions a year; one is in Spring, the other in Autumn. And every session is separated into 3 phases.

    Four Overseas Buyers' Registration Offices set up in China Import and Export Fair Complex (map):

    Phase I
        Apr./Oct.14, 10:30-18:00
        Apr./Oct. 15-18,  8:30-18:00
        Apr. /Oct.19,  8:30-16:00

    Phase II
        Apr./Oct. 23-26,  8:30-18:00
        Apr. /Oct.27,  8:30-16:00

    Phase III
        In Spring: May 1-4, 8:30-18:00,May 5, 8:30-14:00
        In Autumn: Oct. 31-Nov.3, 8:30-18:00, Nov. 4, 8:30-14:00

    2. Registration Notice

    Overseas buyers should provide requested documents to get registered.

    Buyers Categories

    Documents Requested

    Registration Venues

    Foreign Officials of Consulates General in Guangzhou

    a. Originals of diplomatic passport;

    b. Two-inch color passport photos

     (blue or white background);

    c. Officials who had already applied for Buyer’s IC Card (blue background) after the 104th session of the Canton Fair (Autumn session in 2008 October) can enter the Fair directly.

    Registration Office in China Import and Export Fair Complex

    Chinese Staff of Consulates General in Guangzhou

    a. A letter of introduction issued by Foreign Affairs Office, People’s Government of Guangdong Province (including the Consulate General the applicant’s working in, his or her name, identity card number and other basic information);

    b. Originals of work permit of the Consulate General;

    c. Originals of personal identity card;

    d. Two-inch color passport photos

     (blue or white background);

    e. Badges are valid for this session only.


    1. Valid personal overseas documents include: Overseas passport, H.K./ Macao Home-return Permit, Taiwan Compatriot Travel Certificate, Permanent Resident Permit of Foreign Countries or a Chinese passport with overseas employment visa valid for over one year.

    2. The size of the passport photo is 5cm X 4cm.

    3. If you have got a Buyer Card, please pay attention to the following information: The Badge is valid for multiple sessions of the Fair, which ensures your entrance to the Fair directly and saves your time with an easy access. If you forgot to bring or lose it, re-application will cost you 200 RMB/card as service fee. The previous badge will be invalid right after re-application, please ensure the badge you wear is the newest.

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