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    Qualifications for Application

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    All overseas enterprises which meet the requirements of Participation Provisions (see attachment 2) can apply for participation.To attract high quality exhibitors in the best way, the following six categories will be put into priority in review of application: Priority to counterparts professional products; Priority to energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products; Priority to high-technology products; Priority to exhibitors who are leading enterprises in the industry; Priority to exhibitors from the country or region with larger trade-deficit to China; Priority to exhibitors applying for the custom-built booths.

    Requirements for Exhibitors and Exhibits

    1.Exhibitors shall be the ones legally registered over 3 years (including 3 years) by eligible law in any country or region other than mainland China. Copy of the Company Registration Certificate (with company stamp) or other valid certificates shall be submitted.

    2.Exhibits shall fall into “The Exhibits Category (International Pavilion) of China Import and Export Fair”.

    3.Exhibits shall be produced in any country or region other than mainland China. Certificate of Origin shall be submitted.

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