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    Canton Fair enables overseas enterprises to share development opportunities of China and the world

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    At the concluding press conference for the 124th Canton Fair, Xu Bing, spokesperson and Deputy Secretary General of Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, introduced operation of the International Pavilion in this session.

    Xu said that to better adapt to the situation of opening up and promote a more coordinated and balanced development of foreign trade, to show Chinese government’s resolute position of supporting trade liberalization and globalization and opening Chinese market to the world, the International Pavilion was set up in the 101st session and overseas participating enterprises were invited. Till present, more than 12000 companies/times from over 100 countries and regions have participated in the International Pavilion, which has provided great convenience for overseas enterprises to explore China’s huge consumer market and sell products to the world. Canton Fair has become an open international trading platform to “sell to and buy from the globe”.

    Xu introduced that in this session we’ve nurtured exhibition themes of the International Pavilion, improved its specialization, built an efficient platform for matchmaking and achieved great results.

    Explore the Chinese market with huge potential. The International Pavilion has been regarded as “fast track to open Chinese market”. Through participating in the Canton Fair, overseas enterprises brought innovative products, built their brand image worldwide, gained recognition from Chinese consumers and entered China’s huge consumer markets. The Chairman of Ewbank from UK said that the company entered China 3 years ago and has met many customers through the Canton Fair; currently Chinese market contributed to 10% of its global sales and the number is expanding. One Malaysian food company has participated in the Canton Fair for 4 sessions and has made connection with multiple chain supermarkets in China.

    Share global trade cooperation opportunities. The International Pavilion has not only helped overseas companies to explore the Chinese market but also provided assistance for them to tap into Canton Fair’s buyer resource and sell products to the world. Caterpillar from US, world’s Top 500, regarded the International Pavilion as an important platform to get international orders. Egyptian household appliance brand Fresh has participated for 16 times; it has reached intention of long term cooperation with famous Chinese household brands and entered the East Asian market. Japan’s Tsurumi Pump has made deals onsite with customers from South America and Africa; the company also met many buyers from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Middle East.

    Key delegations obtained huge reward. 10 national and regional delegations participated in this session with impressive achievements. South Korea delegation conducted 3172 negotiations in Phase 1 with a total volume of 179 million USD. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the organizing party for Turkish delegation said that canton Fair has helped many Turkish companies to explore the global market; they hope that the home textile section has been expanded to benefit more Turkish companies to go global. Indian delegation received about 50 quality buyers daily on average in Phase 1 and potential cooperation is expected. Malaysia delegation said that they see Canton Fair as the highest-level platform to display Malaysia’s national image, new products and to explore international market.

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