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    Reviewing the Rise of Chinese Brands from the 125th Canton Fair

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     Reporters: Lu Jian, Chen Xueying, Ouyang Yunnan

    GUANGZHOU, April 18th (Xinhua)—The 125th China Import and Export Fair (abbreviated as “Canton Fair”) is being held in Guangzhou. Quite a few domestic exhibitors said that Chinese enterprises have strengthened “brand export” and won the initial success of self-owned brands through the fair.


    Going Overseas in Groups to Strengthen Brand Export

    Guangdong Hongyu Group Co., Ltd., which focuses on the ceramic industry, has polished its brand in the domestic market of square bricks with self-developed technology of “direct-fast-burnt square tiles at high temperature”. Facing fierce competition in homogenous domestic ceramic products, ordinary ceramic tiles gradually lost price competitive advantage. Therefore, Hongyu Group embarked on the road of “brand export” to overseas markets.

     “Through the platform of Canton Fair, we have established relationships with buyers in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc. Product quality is primary for Hongyu to go overseas,” said Mr. Liu Liang, General Manager of International Trade Department of Hongyu Group.

    As operating costs in China rise rapidly, the profits of OEM plummeted. This is why many Chinese ceramic companies are determined to polish their self-owned brands. Liu Liang revealed that in order to globalize the brand of Hongyu, the company is preparing to build plants in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand and other countries to advance “brand export”.

     “I hope that our peers in the industry can develop in groups and establish the image of Chinese ceramic brands in the international arena. It is very important for Chinese enterprises to develop in groups with joint efforts,” said Liu Liang.

     “It is hard to rely on oneself alone. We must go overseas together as a whole industry to enhance China’s competitiveness in the international market.” Mr. Xing Jinrong, Deputy General Manager of International Marketing Center of Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., noted.

    With a large domestic industry cluster of ceramic sanitary wares and a product catalogue of more than 2,000 kinds, Huida Group has always taken the initiative in building its self-owned brand and implementing the “going-global” strategy. The company’s active participation in the Canton Fair is a good move to explore the international market. From1998to 2019, Huida Group has exhibited at more than 40sessions of Canton Fair, with an export volume from less than one million USD to more than 100 million USD. At this Canton Fair, the company’s “ultra-thin” sanitary products with stunning appearance are quite eye-catching.


    Upgrading of Intelligent Manufacturing and Promotion of Automation Efficiency

    Guangdong Xingfa Aluminum Holdings Ltd., one of the leading companies in the constructive aluminum profiles industry in China, has participated in the Canton Fair for 10 consecutive years. Through technological innovation and deep market cultivation, fine work has become the core concept of the company. Xingfa Aluminum has always adhered to independent research and development and cooperation with research institutes at home and abroad, and has established cooperation with universities and research institutes such as Tsinghua University and South China University of Technology to lay a solid foundation for product upgrading. In 2018, the company was selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as “China’s third batch of model enterprises of manufacturing champions”. Since this year, the company has launched projects of new materials and precision manufacturing.

    Huang Luanqiong, overseas sales director of Xingfa Aluminum, said that in the future, the company would spend 1 billion RMB on R&D and manufacturing of 3C aluminum components and lightweight transportation materials for modern communication. It will be Xingfa Aluminum’s “good cards” to brighten its brand and to improve production efficiency.

    Coincidentally, Shandong Xingyu Gloves Co., Ltd. and Qingdao University of Science and Technology jointly established the “R&D Center of Qingdao University of Science and Technology” in order to improve the brand image of “Xingyu” rubber gloves. At present, Xingyu's environmentally-friendly labor protection gloves have obtained three patents, and the anti-cutting grade can reach the American standard cut-proof grade A8.

    “Our company now has 138 fully automatic production lines. The production efficiency has increased by 10%,” said Liu Jia, director of Shandong Xingyu International Marketing.

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