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    Canton Fair Drives Openness and Economic Development in the Poverty-stricken Areas

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    At the opening press conference of the 125th Canton Fair on April 14, Xu Bing, spokesman for Canton Fair and Deputy Director General of the China Foreign Trade Centre, introduced the efforts of the Canton Fair to promote targeted poverty alleviation through business.

    Xu Bing said that the Ministry of Commerce attached great importance to the poverty alleviation and considered it as a political responsibility. The Ministry of Commerce decided that starting from the 122nd session, the Canton Fair should cancel booth fee for exhibitors from poor areas and set up the Traditional Chinese Specialties section, giving full support to international trade development in poverty-stricken areas. Over the past 3 sessions, the Canton Fair has achieved good results in targeted poverty alleviation through business, effectively helping exhibitors in poor areas to understand the international market information, grasp the development trend of the industry, find international customers, and establish a global marketing network, promoting the opening up and economic development of poverty-stricken areas.

    Xu said that, with pragmatic measures, the 125th Canton Fair makes further efforts to targeted poverty alleviation through business. Firstly, continue to cancel booth fee for exhibitors from poor areas. It is estimated that approximate 770 companies from 22 provinces will participate in the exhibition, covering 45 exhibition sections. Secondly, set up the Traditional Chinese Specialties section. With 190 booths covering 1710 square meters, the section will accommodate enterprises from 22 provinces to exhibit specialties like clothing, luggage and food. Thirdly, hold promotion campaign. Promotion campaign will be held on the first day of Phase 3 to promote enterprises and products from this section for free and to improve exhibition effect. Finally, improve trade negotiation services. To support enterprises from poverty-stricken areas to exploit the international market, we strive to strengthen navigation service, and provide free translation services and training to these exhibitors on exhibition participation and achieving transaction.

    (Canton Fair Press Center)

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